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Great businesses are built from great brand experiences. These brands are a magnificent mix of science and creativity, meticulously balanced, in order to speak to the heart of the customer. Using sound theory, proven methodologies and a deep understanding of human nature, we create creative brand experiences, both 2D and 4D, that builds brands.

Let us concoct something wonderful for your brand.

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we build brands through experiences

Consumers are demanding more from their products and services. With copious amounts of choice, businesses find themselves not only having to sell their product, but also needing to refine the entire lifecycle to wow the customer throughout their experience. Your brand is not just its’ logo, or even the product or service itself. Your brand is a combination of all those elements, and so many more. But the most important, is the customers “experience” of your brand, be that online, instore, pre-sales, post sales.

That experience will cement the customers perception and become the strongest argument for, or against your brand. We conceptualise and design for the customer experience with any project, no matter what the scale, so that it aligns with the brand’s vision and delights the customer, time and again.


Loud Levels Up!

This year is Loud’s 17th anniversary and I’m so excited to announce the next step in our journey. We have seen great change, had many talented and inspiring young people contribute and add their own individual spark to our company which has grown and evolved through the support and trust of our treasured customers.



Communities that love your brand

The online space is vital to the success of any brand. It’s the first point of call, it’s a source of information, referrals, and in many cases, can become the delivery vehicle. The design of the online experience is a key one, so we choreograph the journey across the online platform and into the real.



Our pictures tell stories

The human brain is hard wired to interpret visual images faster than text. Our design theories are based on grabbing attention with impactful aesthetics and then drawing the user in on an exciting journey, culminating in a dramatic call to action – and we all live happily ever after.



Catalysts for action

Events are the perfect medium for customers to experience your brand ethos.  Let them see, hear, feel, touch and even taste your brand! Events are so much more than about having a good time, they need to have a great time and then tell 1000 of their closest friends about it!



We speak strategy

No matter how large or small the communication or project is, it has to have a tangible link back to business objectives, or you are wasting your time. Measurable objectives get our bubbles rising and is a great way to justify your marketing ROI.

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